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Cost-Effectively Enforce Compliance with Software Coding Standards Such as MISRA C

LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker that doesn’t require investment in a complete tool chain. It enforces compliance with industry- or user-defined coding standards and provides clear visibility of software flaws that might typically pass through the build and test process and become latent problems.

LDRArules lets you easily see how your source code:

  • Adheres to Industry-specific and user-defined coding standards
  • Identifies potential security vulnerabilities
  • Identifies potential faults

LDRArules incorporates next-generation reporting capabilities to show code quality, fault detection, and avoidance measures. You can quickly and easily view results in call graphs, flow graphs, and code review reports in an easy-to-read, intuitive format.

LDRArules enhances collaboration and communication across all members of the development team through an easy-to-use graphical user interface and sophisticated reporting mechanisms. With this information, development teams can quickly identify and repair coding flaws, speed up the development cycle, and reduce overall development costs.

Coding standards available: 

LDRArules is a cost-effective, stand-alone rules checker to enforce compliance

  • Enforce compliance with C/C++, Java, and Ada coding standards: MISRA, CERT C, CWE, user-defined, and more. This demonstration shows how C code from a Visual Studio project complies to a standard and how a custom coding standard can be created and used.

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