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20 July 2017 LDRA Provides Only Commercially Available Object Code Verification for Avionics Industry's Upgrade to Newest PowerPC chips LDRA tool suite® Now Supports All PowerPC Assembler Family Platforms for Avionics and Other Safety-Critical Environments
13 March 2017 LDRA Collaboration with Green Hills Software Provides Comprehensive Solution for Verification of High-Assurance Embedded Systems Integration of Green Hills Software’s MULTI IDE and RTOS Platforms with the LDRA tool suite Expedites Delivery of Embedded Applications for Medical Device, Industrial Safety, and Automotive Markets
13 March 2017 LDRA Debuts Embedded Industry’s First Comprehensive Requirements-Through-Verification Solution for Safe and Secure Automotive Applications LDRA tool suite for Automotive Ensures Delivery of High-Assurance Software for ISO 26262 Compliance
08 March 2017 LDRA Integration with IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation Provides Complete Embedded Software Lifecycle Requirements Traceability and Collaboration Solution Integration Speeds Development and Verification Time and Reduces Cost of Producing Safety- and Security-Critical IoT Applications 
06 December 2016 Richland Technologies And LDRA Collaborate To Standardize Embedded Software Verification Across Industries Richland Technologies (RTL), a worldwide leader in embedded computing solutions for safety-critical systems, and LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, today announced a close working relationship resulting in standard methodologies across multiple industries. The cooperative relationship leverages LDRA’s software verification tool suite for requirements traceability, static analysis, unit-testing, and structural coverage analysis to enable high assurance embedded software for safety- and security-critical systems.
25 October 2016 LDRA Integration with ARM DS-5 Development Studio Provides First Ever “Road to Certification” Solution LDRA delivers first-ever “Road to Certification” integration with ARM DS-5 Development Studio, reducing design time and cost with comprehensive behavioral testing before the target is available—a breakthrough for safety- and security-critical applications
04 October 2016 LDRA and Konatus Partner with Embraer to Accelerate Launch of New E2 Jet Aircraft Family Flight Control System Assessment and System Verification Technology Slashed Safety Test Schedule While Ensuring Flight Readiness
30 June 2016 LDRA Strengthens Presence in India to Serve Rapidly Growing Safety and Security Software Markets LDRA Leads Embedded Safety and Security Summit (ESSS) to Provide Valuable Networking, Education, and Standards Development Platform 
25 May 2016 LDRA Agreement with Spain’s ULMA Embedded Solutions Further Expands Support for European Customers in Safety-Critical Markets   LDRA selects ULMA Embedded Solutions, Spain’s leader in safety-critical markets such as aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, energy, medical and rail, for sales and technical support. 
27 April 2016 Responding to Increased Software Security Requirements, LDRA Delivers Most Comprehensive MISRA Coding Standards Compliance Responding to increased software security requirements, LDRA’s MISRA coding standards compliance offerings deliver immediate and comprehensive coverage of the new MISRA security-focused rules.  
03 April 2016 Functional Safety: Flying lessons Harnessing the experience of avionics development can yield significant productivity gains in developing automotive systems, says Mark Richardson from LDRA With the cost of software recalls running in the billions of dollars, automotive companies have pressing need to build safety and security into their systems. To this end, the practices that have been in use for decades by the aerospace industry to ensure the safety of avionic systems were specifically called out in January 2016 by the US National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration (NHTSA).
23 February 2016 ARM DS-5 Development Studio Extends Support for Functional Safety with LDRA’s MISRA Compliance Tools ARM integrated LDRA industry-leading MISRA conformance tools into the ARM DS-5 Development Studio to create a TUV-certified solution for safety-critical automotive, medical and industrial automation.
03 February 2016 LDRA Competency Centre - Building skills for a safe and secure tomorrow Launch of the LDRA Competency Centre (LCC), a new initiative provided to the Indian market. LCC is an integral part of LDRA’s Certification Ecosystem Development Program (CEDP)
11 January 2016 LDRA Selects EDAway to Reach Safety- and Security-Critical Markets in Italy LDRA selects EDAway to distribute LDRA software test and verification tools in Italy. EDAway focuses on safety- and security-critical markets such as automotive, avionics, high-speed rail and medical.
08 January 2016 LDRA Celebrates Expansion in India LDRA moves to a new office in Bengaluru to accommodate the growing demand in the Indian and South East Asian Markets.
17 December 2015 Richland Technologies Slashes Design and Certification Time for Advanced Avionics Systems with the LDRA tool suite Richland Technologies chooses the LDRA tool suite to slash its avionics design and certification costs. LDRA streamlines software verification to produce high-quality code in record time. 
10 December 2015 LDRA Announces ESSS 2016 - Inspiring Safe and Secure Designs Embedded Safety and Security Summit (ESSS) 2016 aims to bring embedded industry stake holders and verticals together under one common knowledge sharing platform
10 November 2015 LDRA Extends TÜV Certification of Compliance Tools, Further Solidifying Leadership Role in Safety and Security Markets LDRA wins additional TÜV certifications solidifying its safety-critical leadership for compliance in industrial safety, automotive, rail transportation, medical devices and nuclear standards.
10 November 2015 LDRA Chosen as Express Logic’s Preferred Partner for Functional Safety Express Logic chooses LDRA as functional safety partner. LDRA tool suite used to verify ThreadX RTOS fully compliant with automotive ISO 26262 and rail transportation EN 50128 industry standards.  
07 October 2015 LDRA tool suite Features Industry’s Most Advanced Code Checker for CERT C Compliance TBsecure, the security module of LDRA tool suite, checks over 200 CERT C Secure Coding Standard rules, enabling developers to find vulnerabilities and prevent security exploits in the IoT market.
03 September 2015 LDRA Extends Integration with Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 6 The LDRA tool suite is now integrated to Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 6, bringing standards compliance to new target platforms while also increasing developer effectiveness and productivity.
28 July 2015 LDRA Receives VDC Research Embeddy Award at ESC Silicon Valley LDRA wins VDC Research Embeddy Award for update that brings enhanced usability and scalability to complex systems and large teams seeking compliance to safety-critical and security-critical standards.
21 July 2015 Updates to LDRA tool suite Enhance Usability and Scalability, Expand Functionality Updates to LDRA tool suite Enhance Usability and Scalability, Expand Functionality
08 July 2015 LDRA tool suite Selected for Industry-Leading Structural Coverage and Standards Compliance Wind River selects the LDRA tool suite and DO-178 Qualification Support Packs to verify their own tools and to expedite the qualification and certification of customers’ safety-critical applications.  
17 June 2015 Embedded Safety and Security Summit 2015 Addresses Key Safety and Security Practices Across Industries LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd., a global provider of software analysis, test and requirements traceability tools for both public and private sectors, together with its partners, hosted the Embedded Safety and Security Summit (ESSS) 2015 today at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.
16 June 2015 LDRA Tools Bring Functional Safety Strengths to Wind River Marketplace LDRA tools, the only tools capable of helping VxWorks customers achieve the most rigorous safety- and security-critical standards, are featured and available for download in Wind River Marketplace.
04 June 2015 LDRA, IESA and SIATI Join Together To Introduce A Certification Ecosystem Development Program In India The CEDP is a program to support and encourage Indian companies to be on a level playing field with their international counterparts.
18 May 2015 LDRA Confers the Importance of an Embedded Safety and Security Ecosystem ESSS 2015 joins forces with the government and industry bodies in promoting the “Make in India” initiative
18 May 2015 Anforderungsmanagement und Rückverfolgbarkeit ganz konkret Qualitätssicherung kann nicht nur Code-Analyse und Test bedeuten. Denn weder Analyse-Lösungen noch Tests stellen sicher, dass Systemanforderungen korrekt umgesetzt wurden.
13 May 2015 LDRA and Green Hills Software Deliver Industry-Leading Multicore Development and Verification LDRA and Green Hills Software deliver a multicore development and verification solution that enables safety- and security-critical developers to achieve regulatory compliance for multicore systems.  
19 March 2015 LDRA India initiates a world-class embedded safety and security ecosystem Bangalore, India: 19 March 2015: LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd., a global provider of software analysis, test and requirements traceability tools for both public and private sectors, are organising the Embedded Safety and Security Summit (ESSS) 2015 to take place on 17 June 2015 at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru.
24 February 2015 LDRA Expands Compliance and Certification Services in European Markets with Aeroconseil, AKKA Technologies Group LDRA and Aeroconseil collaborate to provide local compliance and certification services for aerospace and avionics suppliers throughout Europe and the Americas using LDRA Compliance Management System.
24 February 2015 LDRA Collaborates with Texas Instruments to Provide Advanced Testing Capabilities with New Functional Safety Platform LDRA plays significant role in Texas Instruments new SafeTI Compliance Support Packages delivering automated unit test for TI’s Hercules MCUs used in safety-critical industrial and automotive systems.  
23 February 2015 LDRA’s Patented Software Life Cycle Traceability Gives Customers Leading Edge in Critical Software Verification LDRA TBmanager, a software life cycle traceability and verification system, links requirements to process artifacts and people creating the audit trail needed for safety-critical standards.
11 December 2014 LDRA Unveils Unique and Cost-Effective Software Verification on VxWorks 7 Platform LDRA’s fine-tuned instrumentation enables IoT device verification without impacting application behavior or hardware performance Wirral, U.K. 11 December 2014 - LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code anal
06 October 2014 Microchip Partners with LDRA for Functional Safety Microchip partners with LDRA to provide functional safety verification & support for automotive (ISO 26262), industrial safety (IEC 61508), and rail (EN 50128) applications using PIC microcontrollers Wirral, U.K. 6 October 2014. LDRA, the leader in stand
23 September 2014 National FAA Certification Conference Features Talks by LDRA and Logicircuit LDRA and Logicircuit cosponsor the National Systems, Software, and Airborne Electronic Hardware Conference to be held in Los Angeles, CA on September 23-25, 2014. Conference will focus on significant changes in FAA policy and practice. WIRRAL, U.K. and A
27 August 2014 LDRA India Initiates Industry-Wide Safety-Critical Platform Industry Players Gather to Establish Safety-Critical Platform for India Bangalore, India, August 27, 2014: LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd (Subsidiary of LDRA Ltd. UK), the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysi
07 August 2014 LDRA and Logicircuit Cosponsor National FAA Certification Conference Industry and regulators connect at 2014 National Systems, Software, and Airborne Electronic Hardware Conference to discuss significant changes in FAA policy and practice WIRRAL, U.K. and ALPHARETTA, GA, August 7, 2014—LDRA, the leader in DO-178C standa
31 July 2014 LDRA Optimisation Reduces On-Target Footprint of LDRA tool suite by Sixty Percent LDRA optimizes software testing tools to reduce on-target footprint by 60%. LDRA tool suite is now so small and fast that speed and functionality of test environment mirrors application execution. LDRA tool suite implementation now so small and fast that
01 April 2014 LDRA Verifies the Little Bits of Safety-Critical and Security-Critical Applications LDRA has optimized the LDRA tools to enable developers to fully analyze and verify safety-critical and security-critical applications on highly constrained, small footprint DSPs and microcontrollers. LDRA scales down to verify highly constrained, low-pow
01 April 2014 LDRA Brings Safety-Critical Expertise and Full Verification to Multicore Platforms LDRA breaks through verification barrier for multicore platforms, promising system developers the resources and technology they need to achieve rigorous certification for safety-critical standards. LDRA’s finely tuned instrumentation and analysis agg
18 March 2014 LDRA Extends Comprehensive Analysis and Testing into Russia’s Safety-Critical Industries LDRA selects Prosoft, a provider of embedded-systems technologies and services, to deliver the LDRA tool suite to regional customers Wirral, U.K. 18 March, 2014—LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code anal
25 February 2014 LDRA Partners with Xilinx to Bring Structural Coverage and Code Compliance to Zynq-7000 Family LDRA and Xilinx partner. LDRA tool suite eases certification and compliance efforts when using Xilinx Zynq-7000 family within aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, and medical applications. LDRA tool suite eases certification and compliance efforts
25 February 2014 LDRA Compliance Management System Details Steps for Realising ISO 26262 Standard Compliance LDRA Compliance Management System gives automotive suppliers an auditable infrastructure to manage the software compliance planning, development, verification and regulatory activities of ISO 26262-6. ISO 26262 compliance management tools guide automot
16 January 2014 LDRA Selects FTD Infocom to Distribute Cutting-Edge Point Products Across India LDRA selects FTD Infocom to distribute the LDRA point tools for unit testing, standards compliance, and code coverage in India. FTD extends LDRA’s certification expertise for safety-critical systems. Partnership delivers advantages of LDRA certificatio
18 December 2013 LDRA Takes Leadership Role in Verifying Russian Avionics Software LDRA secures contracts with Russia’s five largest avionics suppliers, extending LDRA’s record of helping the most companies achieve DO-178 certification often to stringent Level A requirements. Wirral, U.K. 18 December 2013. LDRA, the leader in stand
07 November 2013 LDRA Tools Help Coressent Technology’s Clients Achieve Rigid Safety-Critical Standards LDRA tools help Coressent Technology clients achieve safety-critical standards for avionics, nuclear, industrial, medical and automotive in US, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan, and Israel. Partnership addresses needs of aerospace, nuclear, indus
02 October 2013 Standard Authors Offer Two-Day Seminar on DO-178C and DO-254A in Major U.S. Regions LDRA brings Level A FAA DERs and DO-178C Committee Members to teach two-day, hands-on seminar on DO-178C and DO-254A. Learn from the experts. LDRA Brings Fully Credentialed Auditors in to Guide Developers in Achieving Compliance for Avionics and Military
30 September 2013 LDRA MISRA C:2012 Seminar Demonstrates Plenty of Good Reasons to Upgrade Free, half-day seminar on MISRA C:2012 gives many reasons to upgrade. Attendees in several US cities learn from standard author how MISRA C:2012 uses more C features while avoiding unsafe constructs. Technical contributor and author of new standard expla
24 September 2013 New LDRA Point Tool Automates Test Generation and Unit Test Management New automated test generation and management point tool delivers comprehensive unit testing for less cost. LDRAunit improves software quality, offers coverage metrics, and eliminates manual scripting. LDRAunit offers a comprehensive, economical option fo
05 September 2013 LDRA Gains TÜV SÜD Certification for Industrial Safety, Automotive and Rail Compliance Tools TÜV SÜD has certified that the LDRA tool suite is qualified for use in safety-related software development for IEC 61508 (industrial safety), ISO 26262 (automotive) and EN 50128 (rail). LDRA rigorous software development practices confirmed for IEC 615
21 August 2013 LDRA Meets FAA Recognition of DO-178C with Comprehensive Verification Compliance LDRA immediately able to meet all DO-178C/ED-12C guidance following the FAA’s recognition of the standard with a comprehensive DO-178C ecosystem of compliance management tools. LDRA is the only software test and analysis provider immediately able to me
16 July 2013 LDRA Celebrates Third Year of LDRA India’s Growth with Plans to Open Offices in Delhi and Hyderabad With a focus on training, LDRA India, now celebrating its 3rd anniversary, assists development of India’s technology industry and service to local companies. Offices to open in Delhi and Hyderabad. Education and Support Initiatives Establish Leadership
27 June 2013 LDRA Expands Certification Management Market into Russia’s Safety-Critical Industries LDRA chooses Softline Group, a leading software and IT services provider in Russia, to distribute LDRA Certification Services and LDRA technology to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. LDRA chooses Softline, one of Russia’s dominant soft
30 May 2013 LDRA Integration with Lauterbach TRACE32 Simplifies Code Analysis, Test and Certification Access to code analysis and certification compliance of LDRA tool suite now integrated into Lauterbach TRACE32, automating software testing and requirements traceability in software development cycle. LDRA–Lauterbach integration delivers complete code
22 April 2013 LDRA Compliance Management System Details Steps to DO-178C, DO-278A and DO-254 Certification LDRA now offers the LDRA Compliance Management System in cloud and locally hosted versions to help companies manage certification planning, development, verification and regulatory activities for DO-178B/C, DO-278A, and DO-254. Avionics compliance mana
22 April 2013 }LDRA Integration with NI TestStand and NI VeriStand Seamlessly Links Hardware and Software Testing LDRA tool suite integrated with National Instruments’ TestStand and VeriStand to unify hardware and software testing, significantly reducing manual steps and errors while improving software quality. Sharing components and functionality across all stage
29 March 2013 LDRA Extends Integration with MATLAB and Simulink, Verifying the Model at Object Code Level LDRA tool suite now verifies source and object code in MATLAB and Simulink. Errors are identified and corrected in the model, which is then submitted for DO-178C, Level A certification, slashing cost. To boost the quality and efficiency of safety-critica
26 February 2013 LDRA leads the Market with immediate, comprehensive tool support for MISRA C:2012 LDRA offers the most comprehensive, automated MISRA C:2012 compliance with both a standalone rule checker and a tool portfolio that integrates MISRA C checking into the software-development lifecycle. New MISRA compliance tools from LDRA help developers
26 February 2013 TÜV SÜD Certification to Confirm LDRA’s Sound Certification Practices and Tools LDRA begins TÜV SÜD review and certification to fully qualify the LDRA tool suite for software testing and certification for industrial safety (IEC 61508), automotive (ISO 26262) and rail (EN 50128). LDRA tool suite undergoes TÜV SÜD scrutiny for IEC
28 January 2013 Konatus chosen to introduce LDRA products and services to Brazil LDRA reaches into South America with the selection of Konatus, a Brazil-based distributor focused on certified systems in oil and gas, industrial control, medical, aerospace and automotive. Wirral, UK. 28 January 2013. LDRA, the leading provider of autom
18 December 2012 LDRA tool suite offers compliance to DO-178B/C and IEC 61058 for radiation-hardened processors The LDRA tool suite automates DO-178B/C and IEC 61508 verification for space/nuclear MIL-STD 1750 and Aeroflex Gaisler radiation-hardened processors via time-saving simulation and on target systems. LDRA validates code written for MIL-STD-1750 and Aerofl
05 November 2012 LDRA Selects Logic Technology to Extend its Reach to European Certification-based Industries LDRA has selected Logic Technology for Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland for sales and support of companies seeking standards and software verification whether for industrial safety, medical, avionics or automotive markets. Logic Technology appli
25 October 2012 IBM Rational Rhapsody and LDRA tool suite streamline model to verification process Integration of the LDRA tool suite with Rhapsody streamlines verification of the model, automating the creation of a test harness and test cases-a typically tedious and error-prone manual process. Intelligent integration offers UML/SysML modelers immed
18 September 2012 LDRAcover Verifies Test Coverage Completeness LDRA’s new tool LDRAcover ensures all of an application has been tested. The result: better quality software, fewer programming defects, quicker error detection, and better standards compliance. LDRAcover verifies test coverage to meet the most stringe
18 September 2012 New LDRA Point Tool Enforces Programming Rules, Improving Software Quality and Consistency LDRA releases LDRArules, a programming checker based on rules from industry’s largest collection of programming standards. Easily configured, the tool improves code quality and standards compliance. LDRArules - easily configured - draws on industry’s
18 September 2012 LDRAcover Verifies Test Coverage Completeness LDRA’s new tool LDRAcover ensures all of an application has been tested. The result: better quality software, fewer programming defects, quicker error detection, and better standards compliance. LDRAcover verifies test coverage to meet the most stringe
11 September 2012 LDRA Technology Inc. Joins the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium LDRA with its DO-178B/C verification tools and certification expertise joins FACE Consortium to help deliver FACE conformant applications. LDRA tool suite will also enforce FACE technical standard. LDRA brings DO-178B/C software verification tools, stand
30 August 2012 LDRA tool suite Selected by Esprit Lean to Prove IEC 62304 Medical Compliance Esprit Lean, a safety-critical systems development company, selects the LDRA tool suite to prove IEC 62304 medical compliance and manage the certification process for a cancer treatment device. LDRA tools streamline product development and demonstrate pr
26 July 2012 LDRA and IAR Systems Target IEC 61508 and IEC 62304 Certification of Small Footprint Architectures LDRA’s interface to IAR Embedded Workbench ensures even the small, resource-constrained ARM, 8051, AVR, M32C, RL78 and MSP430 can meet stringent IEC 62304, IEC 61508 and DO-178 certification requirements. Interface of LDRA tool suite and IAR Embedded
26 July 2012 LDRA Interfaces with the Jenkins Continuous Integration Platform LDRA’s interface to IAR Embedded Workbench ensures even the small, resource-constrained ARM, 8051, AVR, M32C, RL78 and MSP430 can meet stringent IEC 62304, IEC 61508 and DO-178 certification requirements. LDRA Interfaces with the Jenkins Continuous Inte
30 May 2012 LDRA Committed to Support All Aerospace Platforms for Certification LDRA drives home its message of certifiable test and validation support for all platforms with its interface to Atmel’s AVR Studio 4 and ATmega128 that underpin an avionics DO-178C, Level A system. LDRA’s validation of object code for AVR Studio en
30 April 2012 RTCA Honors LCS Team Lead Todd R. White for Contributions to the DO-178C Software Standard RTCA, the Federal Aviation Committee charged with overseeing aviation standards, will honor LDRA Certification Services team lead for his role in advancing the new aviation software standard DO-178C. LDRA Certification Services team lead to be formally r
26 March 2012 LDRA Certification Services Streamlines FAA/EASA Certification at a Fixed Price Building on years of FAA/EASA experience, LDRA Certification Services now provides FAA DER-led teams and avionics-tailored products to guide companies to certification readiness at a fixed price. Building on years of FAA/EASA experience, LDRA Certifica
26 March 2012 LDRA Offers IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 Certification-Readiness Services for Medical Devices LDRA Certification Services brings expert medical auditors and customized verification tools for medical device manufacturers seeking certification readiness for IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 standards. Leading industry experts use LDRA tools to help medical d
01 March 2012 LDRA and MathWorks Tool Integration Moves Unit Testing Upstream to the Model Complete integration of the LDRA tool suite and MathWorks Simulink modelling tool offers test reuse on target and model and easier traceability of requirements fulfilment and certification readiness. Certification costs slashed through earlier testing,
28 February 2012 LDRA Certification Services Guides Automotive Industry through New Regulations LDRA Certification Services delivers best-of-breed ISO 26262 qualification tools and auditors to help automotive vendors establish best practice and certification-ready products at a fixed cost. LDRA Certification Services empowers automotive vendors s
28 February 2012 LDRA Offers One-Stop Certification Services for Safety-Critical Industrial Products LDRA addresses IEC 61508 needs with standard-specific certification tools and industry-expert engineering teams that help companies achieve fixed-cost, certification readiness for safety equipment. LDRA Certification Services delivers technology and indu
14 February 2012 LDRA Opens Division Dedicated to Comprehensive Certification Services LDRA Certification Services delivers tools and certification services to help companies achieve full compliance at a fixed price. LDRA Certification Services delivers tools and certification services to help companies achieve full compliance at a fixed p
31 January 2012 LDRA tool suite Directly Integrates with Altera’s Nios® II Embedded Design Suite An integration of the LDRA tool suite to Altera Nios II enables certification of these FPGAs to standards such as DO-178, MISRA, and IEC 61508—making them ideal for automotive, medical or avionics. An integration of the LDRA tool suite to Altera Nios I
21 December 2011 LDRA National Instruments LDRA Supports National Instruments LabVIEW for Early Development and Test of DO-178 Systems Joint offering exposes system defects early in development life cycle to enhance product quality, tighten schedules and reduce risk Monks Ferry, Wirral, UK – 2
30 November 2011 LDRA QNX Momentics Integration To streamline regulatory burden for medical, industrial safety and automotive, the LDRA tool suite supports QNX Neutrino and Momentics with industry standards templates and requirements traceability. Regulatory Burdenand QNX Momentics Tool Suite to Strea
31 October 2011 LDRA MISRA Autocode LDRA can now independently verify model-generated code using MISRA Autocode. MISRA AC encourages good modelling practices for automatically generated code development in safety-critical systems. LDRA tool suite integrates MISRA AC, bringing independent v
26 September 2011 LDRA V9 Tool Suite LDRA ups automation of static and dynamic analysis of certification with latest LDRA tool suite. V9 widens LDRA’s lead in delivering software test and verification for the lowest development costs. New Release of LDRA tool suite Automates Embedded Soft
26 September 2011 LDRA MathWorks Integration LDRA and MathWorks integrated LDRA tool suite with Simulink to provide independent verification of model-generated code. Bidirectional traceability ensures coverage from requirements through test. LDRA and MathWorks Join Forces to Ease Compliance Produc
18 August 2011 LDRA India Office 1st Anniversary LDRA recaps the success of its India office for competency centres on certification and testing best practises. New seminars target aerospace, nuclear, defense, medical, rail, automotive and security. LDRA Honors Successes of India Office LDRA Technolog
01 July 2011 LDRA Security Compliance MES Award With the LDRA announcement of being able to test software for Homeland Security’s CWE compatibility standard, LDRA’s leadership in the security sector has been recognized by Military Embedded Systems. LDRA Takes Leadership Role in Security Compliance
26 June 2011 LDRA Integration with Code Warrior for HC08/HCS08 Targeting avionics, medical and automotive applications, LDRA integrated the LDRA tool suite with Code Warrior for HC08/HCS08, bringing powerful certification capabilities to this 8-bit footprint. LDRA Slashes Time and Cost of Certifying HC08/HCS08 to St
02 May 2011 LDRA CWE Compatibility LDRA adds CWE Compatibility to its long suit of industry and programming standards. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, CWE Compatibility confirms that the LDRA tool suite can identify common programming errors contributing to software
01 March 2011 LDRA Tasking C166 Integration The LDRA tool suite’s integration with the TASKING VX-toolset for Infineon’s C166 brings certifiability to this small footprint family and its derivatives. LDRA stands alone in providing standard compliance across all stages of the lifecycle whether f
01 February 2011 LDRA Supports IEC 61508 Standard LDRA delivers compliance for IEC 61508, a standard which proves the functional safety of programmable electronic systems performing safety functions. Because of the integration of the LDRA tool suite, LDRA applies compliance to IEC 61508 from requirements
31 December 2010 LDRA x86 Assembler With a port to a broad range of x86 assembler platforms, LDRA enables companies to certify legacy applications to meet new standards, saving companies the tremendous development and cost overhead of writing, testing and verifying new code.
01 December 2010 LDRA Supports IEC 62304 Standard LDRA now supports IEC 62304, a standard for software design of medical products recently adopted by the European Union and the United States. Compliance to this risk-based standard ensures that medical devices whose failure to function correctly could res
30 November 2010 LDRA Supports ISO 26262 Standard LDRA has added support for the increasingly adopted ISO/DIS 26262, a functional safety standard for road vehicles. Integrated into the LDRA tool suite, automotive development teams gain not only compliance checking for the ISO 26262 standard, but also ful
01 November 2010 LDRA TBmanager v840 LDRA has beefed up TBmanager, its task-based interface to the LDRA tool suite, to create a common user interface, accommodate regression suites, test scripts and application testing in multiple programming languages.
31 October 2010 LDRA extends support for PPC LDRA has extended its support for PowerPC family from the PPC440 microcontroller to the high-performance PPC750 across the Wind River and Green Hills RTOS and IDE offerings. Working at either C compiler or Assembly level, the LDRA tool suite integration d
30 September 2010 LDRA ITEC Israel Distributor LDRA has selected ITEC, Israel 's number one development tools supplier to distribute the LDRA tool suite. ITEC will extend LDRA's reach into critical software in defence, medical, embedded, and communication systems.
31 August 2010 LDRA India Operation LDRA has opened a front-line office in India to provide R&D, sales and support for India's growing software technology market. The India office will provide local support for LDRA’s current customers in aerospace, defense, nuclear, rail, consulting, and
31 July 2010 LDRA MES Editor's Choice Award Embed-X, the first application lifecycle management (ALM) solution targeting critical software, was selected for Military Embedded Systems Editor’s Choice Award. Embed-X traces the entire software development process from requirements through applicatio
30 July 2010 LDRA and the Wind River Integration LDRA has integrated the LDRA tool suite with Wind River Workbench and VxWorks to form a single work environment for safety-critical apps. Using an Eclipse plug-in, full transparency is available between the tools, allowing Workbench developers direct acce
31 May 2010 LDRA Java Release LDRA tool suite extends its comprehensive language (C/C++, Ada, Assembler) coverage to take on Java. With DO-178C able to certify OO code and soon to be ratified, developers want to extend the analysis, testing and verification tools they use to certify c
30 April 2010 LDRA Partners with Codice Software LDRA has partnered with Codice Software to create the first agile development framework for developers of critical software. This integration incorporates rapid prototyping into LDRA Embed-X, an application lifecycle management tool that focuses on develo
31 March 2010 LDRA and Netrino Partnership LDRA has extended its extensive support of C programming standards by implementing Netrino’s Embedded C Coding Standard. Netrino, specialists in embedded software architecture and process, has developed the Embedded C Coding standard to minimize firmwar
31 January 2010 LDRA's Integration with IAR LDRA has integrated the LDRA tool suite with IAR Embedded Workbench for the PIC18, AVR, AVR32 and MSP430 microcontrollers. Thanks to IAR providing full ANSI C compliance, support for embedded C++ and host-controlled I/O facilities, LDRA can implement all

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08 September 2017 Build security into the connected car development life cycle A Boeing 787 aircraft contains something like 6.5 million lines of software. Impressive, until you realize that the modern automobile, with an average of 20 million lines of code, has the airliner beat three times over. And while human life and safety dep
01 August 2017 Ensuring the Compliance of Avionics Software with DO-178C Some parts of DO-178C are more demanding than the equivalent sections in earlier versions. For example, in the cases of data and control flow, it now requires testing to confirm the dynamic exercising of the coupling, rather than just providing static evi
27 July 2017 Coding standards — are they necessary? CODE QUALITY BLOG: As cyberwarfare becomes increasingly part of the norm, many, if not most, military embedded systems are safety- and/or security-critical in nature. To combat this increasing risk, it only makes sense that military systems should be cons
12 July 2017 Dig deep into safety-critical code testing with coverage analysis For safety-critical code, functional testing that ensures that the application does what it is supposed to do and does those things correctly just scratches the surface. Applications contain hidden complexities that can show up under unpredictable conditi
22 June 2017 Automobile : sûreté et sécurité logicielle ont leur solution de traçabilité et de test signée LDRA Annoncée en avant-première lors du salon Embedded Word qui s’est tenu à Nuremberg en mars 2017, l’outil LDRA Tool Suite for Automotive de la société britannique LDRA, éditeur d’outils logiciels d’analyse, de test et de vérification de codes
16 June 2017 Automotive safety and security: Is your testing good enough? So you’ve now tested your software. But do you know how well you’ve tested it? How do you measure the effectiveness of your testing? The ever-growing volume and complexity of automotive software is placing an increasingly heavy burden on developers to
15 June 2017 Find out how Secure is Cyber-life in an era of the Internet of Things at the Real World IoT Security Conference BANGALORE: EFY Conferences has announced its latest conference, Real World IoT Security Conference (RISC), focused on Cybersecurity. The single day event will take place at Park Plaza, Marathalli, Bangalore on 20th June 2017. Real World IoT Security Co
02 May 2017 Protecting Embedded Systems with New MISRA C Guidelines MISRA C is a set of software development guidelines for the C programming language developed by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA). The guidelines aim to facilitate code safety, security, portability, and reliability in em
01 May 2017 Industrial Control Systems Must Be Secure To Be Safe Machines assembling products not only perform mechanical operations, they also generate data. That in turn enables management to input information needed to follow market trends and customise products, among other things. This has not only streamlined pro
27 March 2017 Building Security In: Tools and Techniques for Reducing Software Vulnerabilities Jim McElroy, vice president of marketing at LDRA, provides a quick look at LDRA’s news at Embedded World: the addition of a security module for LDRA tool suite, integration with IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation, and enhanced integration with Gre
13 March 2017 Testing is the only way to assure that code is correct As systems in industrial, automotive, medical, and energy markets that involve human life and limb are connected to the IoT, the stakes get higher and the pressure for safety and reliability increases. While hardware can be physically isolated and protect
24 January 2017 Requirements traceability forms the foundation for thorough software testing The ability to define and bi-directionally trace requirements throughout the software development lifecycle and throughout all the development artifacts is an indispensable aspect of developing high-assurance software. In many cases, it’s also part of h
06 December 2016 Securing legacy embedded systems in the IoT The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our national infrastructure and that of the whole world. With embedded connected devices now running the national grid, water supplies, transit systems, and more, this expansion has taken
30 October 2016 Nail down software security with dynamic analysis You’ve secured your Internet of Things (IoT)-connected system with components for authentication such as password, retina scan, physical key, plus encryption/decryption and more. But building these things in is not enough. You’ve got to be certain tha
20 October 2016 Apply Standard Guidelines for Automotive Safety and Security The fast-growing segment of driverless cars is reinforcing the importance of reliable, safe, and secure automotive systems. These must be coded to comply not only with language rules but also to adhere to well-defined strategies that assure safety and sec
22 September 2016 Safety of Critical Connected Devices is Impossible Without Security Safety-critical developers traditionally haven’t concerned themselves with security. Typically, it’s not because it wasn’t important to them. Rather, their part was so deeply embedded into a larger system that there was no way to access it or make i
15 September 2016 Test and analysis tools help verify and enforce security in military systems Secure coding practices, properly tested and verified, can help assure the reliable and safe operations of military systems. Organizations should start from the ground up, using a combination of static and dynamic analysis, unit and integration testing, a
01 September 2016 Security for Industrial Control Systems Protects the National Infrastructure (pg.14)  
22 August 2016 Devices that treat the patient must protect the patient The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has long mandated the use of quality systems to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective for their intended purpose for both the patient and the operator of the device. As Jay Thomas of LDRA Technology h
31 July 2016 Policing the Standards Chris Tapp and Jay Thomas look at how Misra C has evolved to address security threats in today’s automotive software
29 July 2016 Security/Safety Analysis Tools Smooth Path to MISRA-C Compliance MISRA C compliance standard and its new security amendment helps provide the assurance of protection from attack. Multiple analysis approaches are needed for complex systems. JAY THOMAS, DIRECTOR OF FIELD ENGINEERING; CHRIS TAPP, FIELD APPLICATIONS ENGIN
27 July 2016 Software Tools: Policing the standards Chris Tapp and Jay Thomas from LDRA look at how Misra C has evolved to address security threats in today’s automotive software Safety and reliability have long been at the heart of automotive code. Today, however, they are inseparable from security. Th
23 June 2016 The IoT & Embedded Technology Beat: Q&A with Jim McElroy of LDRA (Part 1) This interview is part of an ongoing series VDC conducts with IoT and embedded software solution providers to share views on their company, products, and state of the market.
03 May 2016 LDRA intègre dans ses outils d’analyse de code les dernières règles Misra C pour la sécurité Le britannique LDRA, éditeur d’outils d’analyse de la qualité du code à haut niveau de sûreté de fonctionnement, supporte désormais les toutes dernières évolutions des règles de codage Misra portant sur l’analyse des failles de vulnérabi
28 April 2016 LDRA hilft Software-Lücken zu beseitigen Die stetig wachsende Vernetzung sicherheitskritischer Systeme erhöht die Risiken, dass Embedded-Systeme Sicherheitslücken beinhalten. MISRA hat daher neue Security-Richtlinien erlassen, die die LDRA mit ihren Tools umfassend abdeckt.
27 April 2016 Most comprehensive MISRA coding standards compliance LDRA has integrated support of the new security-focused rules announced today by MISRA into its MISRA coding standards compliance offerings.
21 April 2016 Software Validation Tools Give an Edge to Satellite and Spacecraft Development The space industry can realize increased productivity, reliability and cost savings by employing the software certification process used by military and commercial avionics.
20 April 2016 Electronic Design-11 Myths About Software Qualification and Certification With software taking on an ever-greater role in embedded systems, companies are realizing that “quality code” requires more than just the developer’s claim. Even for systems that don’t require formal certification for functional safety or security
22 March 2016 Software Standards Compliance 101: Tracing code to requirements By being a source of what the “right” system is, requirements provide the basis for creating the black box test cases required by safety- and mission-critical development standards, such as DO-178C.
09 March 2016 Solving the safety certification challenge for multicore? CODE QUALITY Blog: It’s no secret that multicore systems have continued to be an attractive option for the military and aerospace fields. With the drive toward reducing the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of embedded systems, the push to rely on multicor
09 March 2016 Harnessing the Experience of Avionics Development to Yield Significant Productivity Gains in Developing Automotive Systems. Harnessing the experience of avionics development can yield significant productivity gains in developing automotive systems, says Mark Richardson
09 March 2016 Harnessing the Experience of Avionics Development to Yield Significant Productivity Gains in Developing Automotive Systems. Harnessing the experience of avionics development can yield significant productivity gains in developing automotive systems, says Mark Richardson
08 March 2016 LDRA’s founder, Mike Hennell, talks about the company’s origins and where it’s going Engineers – at least those who are worth their salt – ask questions. And those enquiring engineers also wonder if they’re getting the right answers to their questions.
12 February 2016 Software Standards Compliance 101: Implementing a programming standard In the mid-1990s, a formal investigation was conducted into a series of fatal accidents with the Therac-25 radiotherapy machine. Led by Nancy Leveson of the University of Washington, the investigation resulted in a set of recommendations on how to create
04 January 2016 Software Standards Compliance 101: Using a formal requirements capture process Requirements capture and management tools, from word processors to spreadsheets to purpose built applications, help make the process of documenting and maintaining requirements very straightforward. 
11 November 2015 Testing the test: How to use coverage metrics for more effective embedded software testing Timing is everything in software development. Just think about the timing of when a software defect is found. Found after a release, it can be a disaster, compromising people's safety and costing millions. Found before a release, the defect can be reduc
18 August 2015 Addressing the Testing Challenges of Safety-Critical Embedded Systems with Ultra-Light Instrumentation Traditional approaches to testing and verifying today’s complex multicore systems to meet safety-critical standards can affect memory and runtime performance to the point of creating even more uncertainty. A new approach promises to provide verification
18 August 2015 The Soft Side of Functional Safety Lessons can be learnt from the events that have put the automotive idustry and functional safety in the headlines. 
14 August 2015 Software Standards Compliance 101: Matching system target failure rates to development rigor In 2014, the FDA released a Medical Device Report that analyzed medical device recalls between 2003 and 2012. This report revealed that recalls increased by 97% during this period, naming device software design as a leading cause.
11 June 2015 Going modular? Meet data and control coupling Many guidelines, such as the DO-178C standard that defines the airworthiness regulations for the creation of civil airborne systems, require that a control and data coupling assessment be performed on safety-critical software to ensure that these design,
01 June 2015 Compliance with ISO 26262 Causing Headaches? Here’s help. The vast increase in the software content of automobiles along with stringent requirements for safety and reliability has added complexity to the process of development and compliance with standards. Any serious operation will require tools to track devel
10 April 2015 Enforcing Programming Standards Protects Against Software Security Risks Growing concerns regarding security drive today’s software system design. For connected systems, it’s no longer enough to choose both a software process standard and a programming standardthat focus on quality.
13 March 2015 Top Five Things to Know About Software Testing Testing starts in understanding that the state of a software system is less discrete than a hardware centric view of state. From this, you need to carefully examine requirements, module testing, static analysis, and risk mitigation. By zeroing in on these
20 February 2015 Software Standards Compliance 101: First assess your system’s risk This article focuses on three main areas: The approach that IEC 61508 advocates for performing a system safety assessment and how that is then used to determine the target system failure rates; The similarities between the IEC 61508 concept of system
03 February 2015 Tracing into the Model: Using Requirements Traceability with Model-Driven Development Model-Driven Development (MDD) is a growing trend within the embedded computing world including safety-critical industries such as defense and avionics.
27 January 2015 Can Agile environments accelerate embedded software verification and certification? Although Agile development is being adopted by most software development organizations, most embedded developers, especially those seeking certification, continue to resist using Agile methodologies.
12 November 2014 Multicore Q&A with LDRA Leverage automation technology. It can come into play during the development process as well as during the verification process. During the application cycle, software and systems developers can leverage automation to produce code or software that is more
20 October 2014 CODE QUALITY BLOG: Is code coverage analysis necessary? So how much software testing is enough? This is a question addressed by mission- and safety-critical software projects, and there are some valuable lessons to be learned from them. At its most basic, their approach is test, measure, repeat. Like Tom DeMar
08 October 2014 Ensuring safe and secure UAV systems A UAV “system” includes all of the components required to launch and control a drone. At a minimum this includes the airframe and a remote control, but more sophisticated systems also take advantage of external navigation aids, such as GPS. The primar
01 October 2014 Reaching the Benchmark in Secure Unmanned Vehicle Software Security concerns currently dominate software thinking wherever sensitive or safety-critical information is potentially accessible. Embedded software is no exception. Security researcher Barnaby Jack demonstrated this in 2011 when he used a modified anten
29 September 2014 ISO 26262 - Software Compliance in a Nutshell ISO 26262 is a relative newcomer as far as safety standards are concerned, and so a sideways glance at the activities of other transportation industries can be useful. Not surprisingly, there are marked differences in the quality of software in the differ
21 August 2014 Building Security In: Tools and Techniques for Reducing Software Vulnerabilities Announcements in late 2013 and early 2014 of worldwide security breaches revealed that the personal information of more than 100 million individuals had been stolen. In the United States, a staggering 43 million of these were accounted for by 2 specific b
09 December 2013 MISRA C: 2012: Ideal for avionics applications The latest MISRA version allows developers to take advantage of more features of the C programming language and also helps them to mitigate the risks in safety-critical avionics applications. For C programmers who work on safety-critical applications, it
19 September 2013 Code Quality: Improving testing for military-grade applications Unit and integration tests can fill in the gaps left behind by system test and exercise constructs to protect against those unexpected occurrences, such as “divide by zero”. Alternatively, we can exercise the whole system from the “bottom up”, fir
18 September 2013 Security: Key to Smart Energy Software Development Certification management is challenging in any industry, even when standardization is mature and processes defined. The Smart Grid has the potential of increasing that challenge significantly with the likelihood that developers will need to adhere to a m
12 September 2013 MISRA C:2012: Ideal for Life-and-Death Applications The automotive industry has undergone a significant transformation with the increased use of electronic systems. Defects in the software driving these systems directly affect vehicle safety. Standards such as ISO 26262 help the automotive industry comply
10 September 2013 LDRAcover verifies test coverage to meet stringent safety and security levels LDRAcover is a stand-alone code coverage tool that verifies the source code of an application has been fully structurally tested. Code coverage encompasses several levels of precision that ranges from simply showing whether a line of source code has been
09 September 2013 Certifying Medical Devices: Easing IEC 62304 compliance for developers The use of sophisticated medical devices now more than ever helps medical practitioners diagnose with ease and accuracy. Their level of dependency on devices, however, has raised concerns about ensuring the safety and quality of devices. Notably, medical
08 September 2013 Adopting aerospace development and verification standards: Part 2 – Source/object code verification Source code verification checks that test cases have exercised all applicable requirements and highlights the sections of code that have and have not been executed. The identification of non-executed code pinpoints a number of potential shortcomings: E
07 September 2013 Adopting aerospace development and verification standards: Part 1 – A coding standards survey An ever-increasing reliance on software control and the nature of the applications has led many companies to undertake safety-related analysis and testing. Consider the antilock braking and traction control of today’s automobile. These safety systems ar
29 August 2013 Managing Software Risk in Medical Electronics With the 3rd edition of IEC 60601-1 now in enforcement in Europe and soon to be in the United States and Canada, there is significant momentum and progress toward improving the overall safety and effectiveness of medical devices. However, for those device
01 August 2013 New Programming Guidelines for Safety-Critical Software For C programmers working on safety- critical applications, following restrictions and guidelines to ensure safe-coding practices can be painful. Features of the language designed to make your work easier, more efficient, or provide work-arounds for obsta
31 July 2013 What's needed to ensure safety and security in UAV software Software developed for use in UAVs falls under the guidelines of DO-178, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.” Both DO-178B and the recently ratified DO-178C provide detailed guidelines for the production of all so
01 July 2013 Code Quality: Requirements traceability—Just as important as Design & Coding Today, requirements traceability is widely accepted as development best practice. It ensures that all requirements are implemented and that all development artifacts can be traced back to one or more requirements. Yet despite good intentions, many project
06 June 2013 DO-178C: Accommodating the Evolution of Software Processes DO-178C makes room for modern programming practices to be adopted by avionics vendors, ushering in greater cost savings and easier-to-manage project schedules. Based on studies from Boeing and Airbus, the size and complexity of avionics software continue
21 May 2013 Creating a software safety lifecycle Starting with requirements specification, developers must specify the requirements for safety-related software of each E/E/PE safety-related system and achieve the SIL specified for each safety function allocated to that system. IEC 61508 specifies four S
14 May 2013 Certifying Industrial Systems Using IEC 61508 With recent advances in automation, software is no longer a small part of electro-mechanical systems, but instead forms the underlying technology providing functional safety for many products. By Shrikant Satyanarayan, Technical Consultant with LDRA, in I
09 May 2013 LDRA to Give Away Copies of the New MISRA C:2012 Coding Standard at UK Device Developers’ Conference Software analysis tool company, LDRA have announced that they will be giving away a copy of the MISRA C:2012 guidelines at each of their ½ day technical workshops during the UK Device Developers’ Conference. The Device Developers' Conference is a one-
18 April 2013 Coding standards for secure embedded systems The security of networked embedded devices is becoming a major concern. The adoption of networking in embedded systems is widespread and includes everything from domestic audio/video systems to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Use
11 April 2013 Decoding MISRA C:2012 for Medtech Applications When it comes to medical applications, high-quality software is a must. For C programmers working on safety-critical applications, however, restrictions and guidelines to ensure safe coding practices can be painful. Features of the language that are desig
11 April 2013 Sidebar: The MISRA Index C is a very malleable language that allows developers a high degree of flexibility. The downside is that many allowed practices can result in unstructured, hard- to-maintain or faulty code that permits memory overwrites, mismatched types and so forth. MI
03 April 2013 Think ahead about coding standards If your product doesn’t need to meet a specific industry or international process standard—such as those for safety-critical software in avionics, defense, or medical applications—why would you consider a coding standard? After all, coding standards
28 March 2013 Code Quality: Dynamic & static analysis combined makes engineers & auditors happy In the good old days, before writing software became “software engineering,” code development was a black art practiced by weird nerdy kids straight out of college. For them, coding was by no means a structured discipline. If you managed to get them t
28 February 2013 MISRA C:2012: Plenty Of Good Reasons To Change MISRA C:2012: Plenty Of Good Reasons To Change. For C programmers working on safety-critical applications, restrictions and guidelines to ensure safe coding practices can be painful. Features of the language that are designed to make your work easier or m
25 February 2013 New Version of MISRA C: Why Should You Care? MISRA C was first published in 1998 (MISRA C:1998) to provide a "restricted subset of a standardised structured language" for automotive systems. The adoption of MISRA C in an unexpectedly wide range of industrial sectors far exceeded the original expecta
11 February 2013 A Practitioner’s Guide To Critical Software Certification Software plays an increasingly important role in the development of many critical projects, whether in avionics, nuclear power stations, cars, trains, or medical devices. When the cost of a software failure is great, it becomes more important to ensure th
06 January 2013 UAV Systems Face Safety-Critical Challenges UAVs have a well-established role in military operations around the world for a variety of mission types, and evidence suggests that their use and the diversity of this use are likely to increase dramatically in the next few years. COTS Journal www.cots
19 December 2012 What Coding Standards Can Do for Critical Embedded Software Development Reviews of faults and failures in high-reliability embedded systems ranging from medical devices to military systems show that all too frequently the source of the problem lies in software errors. A variety of standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 62304 int
06 December 2012 Making the Link from Requirements to Verification Requirements traceability is seen to yield a more predictable outcome at deployment, and responds to an increased demand for sound monitoring and management techniques during development, particularly between project phases. Appropriate automation can ens
27 November 2012 Better requirements analysis eliminates design defects Before finding a more specialized vocation, I spent more than 15 years in industry developing and testing software. Back then the “waterfall” process dominated software development with its distinct phases of analysis, design, code and test. The theor
26 November 2012 Code Quality: Static analysis—essential for code quality, but not the silver bullet Let’s start with the obvious: static analysis on its own is not a silver bullet. It doesn’t guarantee high code quality, safety, or security in your complex military embedded application. Nor does static analysis ensure your application meets the func
25 October 2012 Automated Requirements Traceability & Verification of Software: Who Cares? I Do Today’s device manufacturers face conflicting demands: Get the product out the door. Minimize development cost. Meet ever-changing customer requirements. Certify your device. The list goes on. Add the fact that most development organizations are constan
15 October 2012 Ensure Safety of Unmanned Flying Machines An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. UAVs are often preferred for missions that are too 'dull, dirty or dangerous' for manned aircraft. In the case of military or security related appl
10 October 2012 What use are test tools for applications based on software reuse? When it comes to military software technology development, the software development paradigm is very different from that of, say, automotive technologies. In military technology, duplicate applications and systems are the exception, not the rule. Yet, if
02 October 2012 Medical device software: Why is it in critical condition? When it comes to medical devices, manufacturers face conflicting demands. Devices need to provide the expected performance. They need to be quick to market and cost effective. Above all, however, when human health and safety are at stake, they need to be
17 August 2012 Simplifying IEC 62304 Compliance for Developers Medical devices have become increasingly sophisticated, often employing software-controlled applications whose failure to function correctly could result in death or serious injury to the patient treated by them. Despite this increased danger, medical sof
07 August 2012 Automated tools streamline software test and certification As software becomes increasingly important in safety-critical medical, automotive, aviation, and industrial systems, the risks presented by coding errors have intensified from merely squandering time to endangering lives, destroying property, and costing
19 July 2012 Out of the Passenger’s Seat: Requirements Traceability to Drive the Software Development Process Static requirements traceability has its strong and weak points. Dynamic traceability can serve as a way to adapt the requirements traceability matrix as its component parts change. Not only can the RTM be shown as a way to connect many parts of a whole,
02 July 2012 Security-Critical Software-Development Process and Tools As software written to MILS and Common Criteria guidelines becomes more common in security and defense applications, organizations increasingly look to automated tools to provide the proper analysis and verification artifacts for certification authorities
11 June 2012 Using requirements traceability with model-driven development Model-driven development (MDD) is a growing trend within the embedded computing world including safety-critical industries such as defense and avionics. While some modeling work is often involved in the software development process, the key differences ar
18 May 2012 Easing IEC 62304 Certification for Medical Devices With the ratification and update of IEC 62304, a standard for design of medical products recently endorsed by both the European Union and the U.S., medical developers throughout the world are asking if IEC 62304 should form the foundations of a medical de
18 May 2012 Easing IEC 62304 Certification for Medical Devices—Part 2 IEC 62304 focuses on the software development process, defining the majority of the software development and verification activities. This standard outlines requirements at each stage of the development lifecycle and defines the minimum activities and tas
27 March 2012 LDRA Certification Services streamlines FAA/EASA certification at a fixed price LDRA Certification Services (LCS), a division of LDRA, is announcing the first comprehensive and fully compliant FAA/EASA certification solution. This offering brings together a team of certification industry experts who are fully accredited across all av
19 March 2012 Unit test tools and automatic test generation When are unit test tools justifiable? Ultimately, the justification of unit test tools comes down to a commercial decision. The later a defect is found in the product development, the more costly it is to fix. This is a concept first established in 1975 w
16 March 2012 DO-178C brings modern technology to safety-critical software development As software becomes more complex, it becomes hard to manage the design of that software at the code level. Object oriented programming (C++, Ada, and Java) and modeling (UML, mathematical, and so on) simplify the development of complex software by enablin