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White Papers

Verification of Airborne Software in Compliance with DO-178C White Paper

Working with the Airborne Software Industry to Meet the Challenges of Achieving Cost-effective Certification

Addressing your insecurities with CERT C Technical Briefing

Eliminating insecure coding practices and undefined behaviours that can lead to exploitable vulnerabilities and unreliable applications

ISO 26262 a Pain in the ASIL Technical Briefing

Cost effective software certification in accordance with ISO 26262

Implementing ISO 26262 with the LDRA tool suite

Implementing ISO 26262 with the LDRA tool suite

Implementing CERT C with the LDRA tool suite

Implementing CERT C with the LDRA tool suite

Object Code Verification and Objective A7-9

Object Code Verification and Objective A7-9

Tool Qualification Support Pack

This white paper is designed to provide a background in tool qualification under RTCA/DO-178C and DO-330. It identifies the Tool Qualification Supp...

Data Coupling and Control Coupling

This document describes the features of the LDRA tool suite that contribute to the DO-178B/C Data Coupling and Control Coupling objectives.

Verification of Executable Object Code from a Model

An exploration of the conditions under which model verification can be used to partially satisfy Executable Object Code (EOC) verification objectiv...

Using Dynamic Software Analysis to Support Medical Device Approval

In this paper, we look at how dynamic code analysis can support demonstrations of compliance with medical safety requirements, and key capabilities...

The Importance of Test Component Reuse in Testing Safety-Compliant Systems

The National Instruments test platform for system-level testing complements the LDRA tool suite for embedded code testing in the development of saf...

Testing Safety-Critical Software for the Def Stan 00-55 Standard

All safety-critical software supplied to the MOD must comply with the MOD standard Def Stan 00-55. The LDRA tool suite provides a powerful set of s...

Implementing IEC 62304 with the LDRA tool suite

With the increased need for reliability and risk management associated with the embedded software within medical devices, the IEC 62304 standard...

Implementing IEC 61508 with the LDRA tool suite

See how the LDRA tool suite can be applied for the development of safety-critical software by addressing the requirements of each table (Annex) wit...

An Introduction to MISRA C:2012

MISRA C:2012 will help mitigate software-related risks for safety-critical applications, while allowing developers to spend more time coding and le...

The SIL Levels of IEC 61508

The paper proposes a new scheme for safety integrity levels (SILs) based on reasoned principles. The scheme provides a mechanism for selecting appr...

Implementing IEC 61508: 2010 with the LDRA tool suite

The requirement for software functional safety has become a critical topic in industrial automation, transportation, nuclear energy generation, and...