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Quality Review


The LDRA tool suite automatically determines the complexity and density of your source code. LDRA goes beyond common complexity metrics to determine “essential complexity”, or the section of your code which requires refactoring. Code density metrics are another unique feature of Quality Review as they point to potential maintainability problems in the future. Finally, Quality Review assesses the overall quality of your code using the following high level metrics: Clarity, Maintainability and Testability.

LDRA Quality Review ensures code of the highest quality without impacting time to market!


Complexity Analysis

Complexity metrics measure your code and report on its underlying structure on a systematic basis. Metrics are produced for procedures, files and system-wide analysis.

The LDRA tool suite helps you answer the following critical questions concerning the quality of your code: Is your code well structured? Is your code too complex? Is your code maintainable? Which are the problem areas?

Code Refactoring

Structured Programming Verification (SPV) properly factors complexity and knots metrics. SPV helps you determine “essential” complexity. The objective of SPV is to facilitate the rapid refactoring of improperly structured code. Templates are used to specify the correct structuring of the progra

Density Analysis

The LDRA tool suite determines all feasible paths of code execution. The number of times these paths overlap is measured by this industry-first density metric. The greater this density metric becomes the greater the possibly of unwanted side effects occurring whenever a change is made to an overlapping path. Quality Review thereby determines the maintainability of your code.

Code Assessment Metrics

There are 3 areas which the LDRA tool suite uses in order to assess the quality of your source code:

  • Clarity - How easy is your system to understand?
  • Maintainability - How easy is it to maintain your software?
  • Testability - How much effort is needed to test your system?

Quality Report

The report provides an extensive analysis of the quality of your source code. The report includes bounds tested quality metrics, which can be user defined or industry standard.

Quality Review

  • Automatically generated reports provide valuable software quality documentation
  • Quick visualisation of system complexity
  • Refactoring tool helps reduce complexity
  • Code metrics organised into code assessment metrics
  • Quality report provides bounded application of metrics
  • Consequence: The quality can be visualised and measured

The key deliverables of the quality review stage are full code visualisation, system quality metrics, and code refactoring guidelines which can be leveraged to improve overall code confidence.


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