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Communications SoftwareIn recent years the telecommunications sector has been characterised by rapid growth and uptake of new technology coupled with intense levels of competition between companies servicing the industry.

Companies seek to gain a competitive advantage and increase market share. This has placed a greater emphasis upon issues of quality and length of development cycles. Therefore the development of highly reliable software applications form an increasingly significant portion of modern telecommunications systems.

LDRA has worked hand-in-hand with many of the world's leading telecommunications multi-nationals, helping them to gain that competitive advantage in the market place by implementing and using best practice software analysis methodologies and techniques.

Some of the industry issues for which LDRA has offered expertise and assistance include:

  • Ensuring systems are adequately tested to minimise risk of downtime.
  • Customer database assessment and revision.
  • Improved security of information and systems.
  • Integration of systems within organisational infrastructures to ensure required productivity and service levels are maintained.
  • Software Testing for the Symbian™ OS

    One of the key premises on which the Symbian OS was developed, that of being an open platform, makes it well suited for third-party developers working within the mobile communications sector. This is borne out by the widespread and ever increasing use of the OS for the development of products such as mobile phones and PDAs.

    As part of LDRA's ongoing commitment to promoting quality software development within the telecommunications industry the company has implemented a fully integrated Symbian OS software analysis solution within the LDRA tool suite. This solution enables developers working within the Symbian environment to apply best practice software analysis techniques and methodologies to yield thoroughly tested, high quality applications.

    (Symbian and Symbian OS are trade marks of Symbian Limited)

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