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Like any mass transit facility, railways need to be confident in their safety record and error control systems.

LDRA's clients within this business sector include many of the worlds major transit facilitators in the rail, public transport and related areas.

With its many years of experience at the forefront of software testing technology LDRA can work with such companies to achieve:

  • Safety-critical software that has been thoroughly tested to the highest levels, using highly advanced testing tools.
  • Systems that adhere to stringent quality models.
  • Fully checked and auditable services.

EN 50128 is an adaptation of IEC 61508 for the Railway control and protection systems. EN 50128 ensures the safety of the software for Railway control and protection systems. Using tools with a proven track record and pedigree to automate the software development process:

  • Will help in producing safe product
  • Provides confidence to the manufacturers
  • Save time and money

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