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LDRA automatically applies a comprehensive set of programming standards to a single source file or a complete system. Customer-defined as well as industry standard coding rules are documented and applied to source code with the relevant violations and warnings identified. The ability to hyperlink to the associated lines of source code provides additional clarification and maximum productivity.

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Code Review

Useful Programming Standards Reference Documents

The LDRA tool suite can be assist users with programming standards certification. The 3 reference documents below detail how LDRA can assist with:

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Code Parsing

The Code Review process begins with a systematic parsing of your source code that ensures 100% compatibility of the code implementation and the derived LDRA model. LDRA’s proprietary parser technology facilitates a broad range of code analysis and test development, including unit-level “green field” development through large scale legacy systems maintenance. Additional facilities of code parsing include identification of “Dead Code” or inaccessible code.

Programming Standards Checking

The LDRA tool suite has the facility to check your code against industry standards, such as MISRA C / MISRA-C:2004, MISRA-C++:2008, CERT C and Spark Ada. Alternatively you can choose from LDRA’s super set of rules and configure your own coding standard.

Code Visualisation

System visualisation at all levels is extremely powerful. The levels represented include statement block, procedure (or class), application and system. The following colour-coded diagrams greatly enhance the Code Review process:

  • The Static Callgraph provides a hierarchal display of the application and system entities.
  • The Static Flowgraph provides a graphical display of the control flow across program blocks.

Code Review

Code Review Report

The results are available in ASCII or HTML format. The report provides an overview of the Code Review violations and warnings with the facility to drill down into the source code to address the areas which are flagged up by the LDRA tool suite.

Code Review

  • Automate the traditional time consuming and expensive manual peer code review process
  • Provide graphical displays that represent code structure and metrics
  • Enforce best practise coding standards
  • Comprehensive review of security, reliability and operations
  • Automatic audit trail generation
  • Efficient and repeatable process
  • Consequence: The review automates the process and saves time and resources

A key deliverable of the code review is an automated, efficient and repeatable process which saves both time and resources and provides developers with unparalleled levels of detail that cannot be matched by traditional manual techniques.


Product Demonstrations

  • Creating a new Programming Standards Model with TBvision®

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