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For more than 40 years, LDRA has led the market with software quality and test tools that automate code analysis for safety-critical and security-critical applications. We work with blue-chip companies worldwide to help them achieve full compliance with the most stringent requirements for software on which businesses and lives depend.

What People Are Saying

Invensys Dimetronic Signals

"The tools have reduced the testing time by 70%. For one project in particular a team of engineers would have manually spent 2 months checking our code whilst LDRA Testbed reduced this to 2 weeks."

LBS West

"The development time was reduced by about 25% and the testing time by about 75%, as well as the quality of testing and coding increasing."

HCC Embedded

"The truth of the matter is that the LDRA tool suite brings a lot more to the table than other MISRA compliant solutions, the LDRA tool suite is by far the best implementation we have found."



TBmanager 是LDRA工具套件一个基于任务的界面,用于通过你的开发团队和LDRA模块为完整的工作流管理创造一个普通用户体验。它适用于回归套件、测试脚本和使用多种编程语言开发的应用程序的测试。使用TBmanager,团队成员可以独立工作并且定位到更高层次的目标和需求。TBmanager可以合并包括系统测试、模块/单元测试、多个用户生成的测试,事后测试,目标机和主机的测试的所有覆盖率结果。此外,TBmanager管理并跟踪所有组件,把它们映射到项目和标准认证目标实现包括对象代码和测试目标的完整的双向可追溯性。


  • 依靠需求来定义以及管理项目和认证标准,使用拖放功能突出显示目标、需求、测试组件和项目文档之间的关系。
  • 自动核对根据代码评审、质量审查、单元测试、代码覆盖率生成的测试组件,并将其与执行它们的使用人员和测试人员进行关联。
  • 整理外部文件来管理证据和可追溯性文件,并将它们做为资源或构件用于整个项目。
  • 可使上游其他用户或项目经理通过设定和查看可交付成果并创建标志符来加强与团队成员的协作。
  • 显示代码评审、代码覆盖率和代码度量的结果。
  • 当与TBreq一同使用时,提供从整个软件开发生命周期中与需求工程构件的生产进行链接的功能。

See inside TBmanager: